The Vikings are Coming. The summer of 2013

The Vikings are Coming. The summer of 2013


As part of the development  a marketing campaign called "The Vikings are coming" have started.

This has been done by the project organization Øresund Event Center along with Wonderful Copenhagen locally invested in the pilot project "The Vikings are coming - Øresund. Both sides of the Øresund region are involved with  Malmö and Copenhagen as the big cities. Østdansk Tourism, Culture Skåne and tourist organizations in Trelleborg and Vellinge are organisations part of the project.
Øresund Event Center, by Ulrich Ammundsen, said: "The Vikings are coming" have created a milestone in the cooperation between Danish and Swedish Vikingattractions. Our joint Zealand-Scanian history binds us together, and therefore it is natural that we work together to develop and market authentic Viking Experiences to the delight of tourists.
The Summer 2013 have been an intensive Vikings season in the Zealand / Scania region.

Viking Markets and Viking Games

During the summer season, you could visit the four Viking amenities. Two from Zealand and two from Scania.  in Fredrikssund Viking theatershow will be played .

A Viking Regatta was starting in Roskilde and the new Viking exhibition can still be visited at the National Museum in Copenhagen.


Viking Feud 2013:

An event with big ambitions, ax throwing, ferocious fights and deafening battle cry was on the program at the Viking feud at four locations during the summer of 2013 on both sides of the Oresund.
The battle was between four proud Viking team from Denmark and Sweden. It became a battle of endurance, skill, tactics and brute force when the Vikings clash in the eight different Viking  disciplines.


News report on TV2 Lorry, Denmark, about the Viking Feud. The segment begins 8:40 into the news program. (In Danish)








May 8, The International Viking Day

This day was celebrated and commemorated with Viking Activities worldwide. Going forward, a new story of the Viking sagas was presented and published 02:00 pm on this day and every year from now on.


Destination Viking Association

Destination Viking Association was founded in 2007 as a result of several successful Eu projects. The international primary mission is to focus on today's tourists on Viking experiences, promote collaboration between Viking attractions, museums, activities, markets and groups around the world.
The association has members from all over Scandinavia, the British Isles and the Baltic region.


Destination Viking is a new travel experience concept. Partners from a number of countries have come together to develop a borderless tourism destination focusing on the Viking world.

Quality is a key word for Destination Viking - as a visitor you expect quality at every level, and we will deliver it. Quality means quality of activities, quality of presentations, quality of workmanship, quality of sites, quality of food, quality of souvenirs. In short: quality experience!