Follow the Vikings: About the project

Follow the Vikings: About the project

The Follow the Vikings project

The objective of the Follow the Vikings project is to make the transnational Viking heritage accessible and understandable to a world-wide audience. This will contribute to maintaining and developing Europe as the No. 1 Global Heritage Tourism Destination.  It will boost local economies and local employment and, through the networking activities, will help knowledge transfer and quality improvement at heritage sites throughout Europe.

The project will create a large and lasting network among cultural actors involved in the preservation, presentation and marketing of Viking heritage throughout Europe and further afield. The project will take advantage of the network already established by the Destination Viking Association and support the extension of this.  The project will also support an intensified exchange of knowledge and experience between these actors, as well as supporting the creation of joint transnational presentations and products on Viking legacy.

The project aims to broaden the audience to major and less well-known sites, museums, attractions, etc. relating the Viking story and to the legacy of the Vikings at large.  It also aims to stimulate interest in the Viking world beyond the partnership and the Cultural Route.

The project has several components:

  1. Audience Development – through a variety of means including the use of new technologies (e.g. social media, mobile applications, website)
  2. Building Competence in Business Models - through sharing best-practice throughout the project and expert advice at a seminar on business development
  3. Strengthening the International Network - build a wider network among professionals and institutions working with the dissemination of Viking heritage, by investigating the ways of presenting Viking heritage to the public to create a better visitor experience
  4. International Touring Event - Promote interest in Viking heritage and heritage tourism by organising a travelling group of Viking actors and artists to Viking markets and similar events throughout Europe.

The project will run for 4 years from 1st July, 2015 to 30th June, 2019.

Destination Viking is a new travel experience concept. Partners from a number of countries have come together to develop a borderless tourism destination focusing on the Viking world.

Quality is a key word for Destination Viking - as a visitor you expect quality at every level, and we will deliver it. Quality means quality of activities, quality of presentations, quality of workmanship, quality of sites, quality of food, quality of souvenirs. In short: quality experience!