Trondenes Historiske Senter

Trondenes Historiske Senter
The Trondenes Centre of History of Sør-Troms Museum is located outside Harstad, Norway in idyllic and historical surroundings. In the exhibition "With crosses and swords through a 100 years" the local history from distant ancient times up until modern times is presented, with focus on the Viking Age and Middle Ages.

The exhibition reveals the local history of the Harstad region. The entrance to the exhibition is in the shape of a bridge. It provides a magical trip back to the Stone Age where it all begins. At the front you will see the cross, which indicates the importance of the Trondenes church but also that the history of the church and centre of power at Trondenes started long before that time.

The exhibition is divided into different themes, and the steps ahead in history is shrouded in atmosphere and mystique. As  you move on you get progressively closer to our own time period. The fishery flourishes and the town grows through prosperity and adversity. The Adolf cannon and the painful war history also has an essential place in the exhibition. The Harstad region has a long and strong history to tell. The presentation is enhanced by multimedia shows, specially designed lighting, sound and smells.

On your visit you may also want to visit our café with a terrace with panoramic view and our gift shop.

Street address: 
Trondenesveien 122, Harstad
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