Torres de Oeste, Catoira

Torres de Oeste, Catoira
Catoira’s history has always been closely related to the strategic importance of the Torres de Oeste military complex, as it served as the defensive shield of Galicia from the Early Middle Ages. The fortress was a part of a defensive system built for avoiding the entry of Norman pirates though the Ulla River.
The Torres de Oeste fortress is located in the municipality of Catoira, at the mouth of the before mentioned river. During the awkward years of the Early Middle Ages several Norman surges reached the Arousa estuary, causing great damage to the population. Further expeditions took place in 859 and 968. The main objective of the Scandinavian attacks was Jakobsland, the city of Santiago de Compostela, described by the invaders as a land of wealth.


Romaría Vikinga: a peculiar Viking Festival.

Catoira’s Viking festival is one of the most important and renowned historical celebrations in Spain. The tradition of this celebration goes back to 1960, when the first reenactmemt of a Viking landing was carried out. Nowadays nearly two hundred local inhabitants of Catoira, dressed as fearsome warriors, recall one of the attacks. People crowd together around the fortress just to welcome four replicas of Viking ships.
Violence and terror have evolved into an enjoyable party to celebrate a peaceful coexistence. Folk music and gastronomy are also key elements in this celebration, as well as other activities carried out during the previous week such as Viking Market, a Theatre Week or a music festival. 

Viking Market First Sunday in August 10:00-15:00

Romaría Vikinga” Viking Festival - A week prior to the first Sunday in August


Street address: 
Rúa do Concello 1, Catoira (Pontevedra), Spain
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