JORVIK Viking Centre

JORVIK Viking Centre
The world-famous JORVIK Viking Centre is now open, following a multi-million pound re-imagining. The year is AD960 and the last Viking King in Jorvik, Eric Bloodaxe, has been banished. The city is thriving with a flourishing manufacturing centre and wide trading links. There are new buildings, new peoples and new stories to be told...

Hop aboard JORVIK’s improved ride experience and be transported back in time over 1,000 years! You will discover the impact of international trade on Viking-Age York, including the evolution of a multicultural society in the city, as it’s not just trade goods that flowed into Jorvik but people from across the globe! Plus, with 22 new animatronics across the recreation there is something new to see around every corner.

The centre’s gallery experiences have been completely updated, with new display cases allowing you to get up close to the astounding Viking artefacts that inspired the creation of JORVIK. You will have the chance to dig deeper into the Viking story of York using the latest in cutting-edge technology located throughout the centre.

What’s New?

  • New Ride experience with the sights, sounds and of course, smells, of the Viking-Age
  • Updated historical interpretation, showcasing the cultural ‘melting pot’ of 10th century York
  • The latest, cutting edge technology bringing the Viking period to life!
  • The ride experience is now available in fifteen languages.
Street address: 
JORVIK Viking Centre, Coppergate Shopping Centre, 19 Coppergate, York YO1 9WT
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