Destination Viking Newsletter


Here you can find Hugin & Munin, the official newsletter of the Destination Viking Association.


Issue 1, January 2017

  • "The legend of Goturm's Hole
  • Vikings: On set with Alison Denvir
  • Haggis or Baggi
  • Viking genocide
  • To the ends of the Earth
  • Instagram column
  • The darkest hour
  • Viking and Medieval Dublin
  • DVA member and project news
  • Raven's Eye TV & film
  • Hugin & Munin book corner
  • Viking stamps from around the world

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Issue 5, September 2016

  • "Follow the Vikings" project news
  • DVA review May - September
  • Final word from the chairman
  • Trelleborg (Denmark) special
  • Farikal Day Viking food recipe
  • Historical dates
  • 1066 AD 950th anniversary special

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Issue 4, April 2016

  • "Follow the Vikings" project news
  • DVA review November - April
  • Final word from the chairman
  • Viking News
  • Historical dates
  • Galicia and Normandy special
  • Niu Heimer: Viking mythology

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Issue 3, November 2015

  • "Follow the Vikings" project
  • DVA review July - November
  • Final word from the chairman
  • Skåneland special
  • Historical dates
  • Niu Heimer: Viking mythology

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Issue 2, July 2015

  • "Follow the Vikings" project
  • Shetland Amenity Trust lead partner special
  • Shetland special
    - Shetland - first landfall of the Vikings
    - The Settlement
    - Kleber: Shetland's first industry
    - Living Soapstone
    - The Earldom of Orkney
    - Shetland's Tings
    - Places to visit
    - Viking Unst
  • York, England: Promoting the Viking World
  • Akureyri, Iceland: Iceland Saga Trail Association AGM & tourism conference
  • The 2015 Richard Hall symposium: Researching and Representing the Early Midieval
  • Ornavik, Normandy, France
  • Member calendar events July

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Issue 1, February 2015

  • New partners
  • The Viking Cultural Route
  • 2014 - a year in review:
    - February: York, England: Jorvik Viking Festival
    - March: London, England: The British Museum, Who were the Vikings?
    - April: London, England & Clontarf, Ireland: Battle of Clontarf
    - May: Kotka, Finland: Eastern Viking Forum
    - August: Catoira, Spain: Romaria Vikinga festival
    - September: Brussels, Belgium: Follow the Vikings
    - November: Trelleborg & Foteviken, Sweden: DVA AGM
  • A final word from the chairman

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Destination Viking is a new travel experience concept. Partners from a number of countries have come together to develop a borderless tourism destination focusing on the Viking world.

Quality is a key word for Destination Viking - as a visitor you expect quality at every level, and we will deliver it. Quality means quality of activities, quality of presentations, quality of workmanship, quality of sites, quality of food, quality of souvenirs. In short: quality experience!